I am a professional photographer based in Greater Hartford, Connecticut area specializing in fine art portrait, wedding and bar/bat mitzvah photography. Working with natural light and my intuitive sense of color, I capture the beauty and mystery of the human face.

In addition, I am also a travel photographer with a significant portfolio of works focusing on topics of humanitarian interest.

My photo-documentary projects included the following:

Nepal Youth Foundation, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Rainbow Children, Kolkata, India for which I was awarded a New Boston Individual Artist Fellowship from the Greater Hartford Arts Council and the Puffin Foundation Grant.

Excavation Project in Israel, Greenberg Center, University of Hartford, CT for which I photographed diverse images of Israeli society in addition to the excavation itself.

Medical Mission to Haiti, CT Haitian American Organization.

Revisiting Kolkata, India for which I received an award from Puffin Foundation.

Apne Aap Worldwide, Kolkata, India.

Equality Now.

While I am shooting weddings, events and individual or group portraits, I strive for the highest artistic vision, combining both formal and photo-journalistic approaches. Above all, I capture the joyous emotions and heightened atmosphere of the special day.